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High School degree - 2021

School admin - 2 months 

Copywriter - 2024

Hello, I am Zine Bakhita Simango.

I am a creative person who loves to do a lot of different things. My biggest passion is writing. I love writing, I can write for days on end without stopping. Even though I love writing I am also dyslexic but I don’t let that get in the way of my love of writing.

My love of writing comes with a love of reading; they are a pair that I can not separate like ice cream and summer. I love learning about new and interesting things which is how I got into UI/UX design. I’m all about being well-rounded in my profession as a copywriter.

I know what my strengths are and I understand my weakness. I am a hard worker who goes above and beyond when working on a project. I may be a bit wetter behind the ears but I make up for it by being applying perfectionism to all that I put my mind to.

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